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Wedding Planner


Wedding Planner Courses

Training course for wedding planners. Start your new career today! As a wedding and event planner, you will enjoy a rewarding career. You will make important occasions very special for your clients. And as you gain experience and networks within the industry, your success and earnings will grow. Plan events for a location or start a business on your own. Take advantage of your creative side in this unique industry.

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Why Choose Wedding and Event Planning?

Think of how you'll feel when you have a career you can be proud of! Wedding and Event Planners are deeply involved in some of life's most cherished events. They partner with floral designers, dressmakers, jewelers, decorators, caterers, musicians, travel agents, photographers and more to create weddings and events that match the client's vision.


Weddings: Folklore, Traditions, Ceremonies

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Wedding Planning and Management Part 2

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Event Planning

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Wedding Planning and Management Part 1

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Wedding Planning and Management Part 3

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What You'll Learn During Your Wedding
Event Planner Training
  • Everything about the figure of the wedding planner, its functions and importance, as well as the main procedures for planning a wedding.

  • To identify the types and styles of weddings, tools, techniques, and trends.

  • The most important elements of the labor market in order to give added value to your business.

Your Wedding Planning Certification

Once you’ve completed your wedding planning courses, you’ll receive your certification. Use these to market yourself as a certified wedding planner and sell your services to clients.

This certification demonstrates that you have successfully completed professional wedding planner training and that you possess all the skills and knowledge required to plan, design, and execute flawless weddings.

What Your Certification Gets You

Start your own wedding planning business.
Provide coordination & vendor outreach services to clients.
Work for an existing wedding planning company.
Work for a wedding venue as a planner & coordinator.

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